My Story

Back in 2017, my father, who was 70 years old at the time, introduced me to the game of pickleball. It didn't take long for me to become completely enamored with it! In fact, less than a year later, I decided to start designing and selling pickleball-inspired clothing and gifts so that I could share my love for the sport with others. Luckily, my husband and three sons were all incredibly supportive of my new venture.

After setting up my pickleball store on Etsy, my husband received news of his fourth overseas deployment. To add to the excitement, we discovered that we were expecting a baby girl just two weeks before he left. Though we were thrilled about giving our sons a little sister, we knew we wouldn't be together for the delivery, just like with our second son. Thankfully, Skype was there to bridge the distance.









The boys were incredible and played a pivotal role in keeping everything running smoothly, including my small business, until we could all reunite. Finally, after three months, my husband got to meet his daughter at a lively "Pickleball Coming Home Party" where all our beloved friends and family gathered to celebrate. It was truly a wonderful experience.

My business is not just focused on selling merchandise. It's about the incredible community of friends and loyal customers who are a part of my "Pickleball Family." One of my most cherished memories was organizing a fundraiser for a fellow pickleball couple whose child was battling cancer. I also run ladder leagues, drill sessions, and women's groups, and provide custom apparel and merchandise for various clubs and players in my local area. When I'm not on the court, I enjoy connecting with my customers online.

I enjoy listening to customers' stories about their love for the products in my shop. My mind is always filled with ideas for new creations to satisfy the needs of my fellow pickleball enthusiasts. I strive to make every shopping experience personalized and ensure that every buyer is completely satisfied. Moving away from Etsy and launching my own website has been a long-awaited dream of mine. "PickleballDinkDinkSmash" is a significant achievement for me.

Although I am feeling a bit apprehensive about this major transition, I believe it is the correct decision. Please feel free to peruse my store if you are in search of items to enhance your passion for pickleball or to find a present for another pickleball lover.  I invite you to join the “Dink Dink Smash” family and keep on pickling!




I am so happy you are here!!!